• Become a part of the Rogue Con family and make new friends!
  • Free Badge
  • Lunch voucher provided Saturday.
  • Behind the scenes look at how conventions are run.
  • Opportunities to grow within our team.


  • Must be 18 years old on or before January 21, 2023.
  • Must be able to volunteer at least one 4-hour shift during a convention day.
  • Adhere to all Rogue Con 23 volunteer policies and guidelines.
  • No one on any state’s sex offender registry will be permitted to volunteer.
  • Complete the Volunteer Crew Application below.
  • Some positions require standing for long periods of time.


  • MOVE-IN: Responsibilities would include helping get all the equipment to the rooms they belong to and set up an exhibitor room.
  • TEAR DOWN: Responsibilities would include picking up any equipment from the show and loading it back into the truck.
  • REGISTRATION: Responsibilities would include prepping perks, wristbands, and merchandise.
  • LINE CONTROL: Your responsibilities would include designating attendees to follow the line flow.
  • SHOW FLOOR/ROOM MONITOR: Your responsibilities would include making sure traffic runs smoothly as well as answer questions attendees may have. As well as making sure vendors are ok and have anything they need.
  • INFO BOOTH: Your responsibilities would include providing attendees’ basic information.
  • FLOATER: Responsibilities would include floating from department to department where assistance is needed.
  • TOURNAMENTS: Responsible for assisting the video game tournament and free play area organizers in running their tournament events and free play areas.

Please note not everyone will get the position they signed up for, the list below outlines what you could possibly be doing. Please dress comfortably and show respect to yourself and others while on shift.


Please conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times, as a Rogue Con 23 volunteer your actions are a direct representation of the convention volunteers not abiding by the Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the convention. Help us to build a fun, easy-going family-friendly show by abiding by our codes of conduct.

  • Show respect to yourself and those around you.
  • Respect the direction and decisions of the volunteer coordinator or management.
  • Perform your duties to the best of your abilities. Volunteers are restricted from any activity that will distract them from assigned duties.
  • Volunteer badges, like all badges, are non-transferrable. If a volunteer gives their issued badge to another person, that volunteer is subject to expulsion and permanent ban from volunteering at future events.
  • Alcohol and illegal substances are not allowed to be carried or consumed by volunteers while on shift.
  • Always be courteous, friendly and cooperative.
  • Deal with conflicts or difficulties in an appropriate manner.
  • Any form of intimidation, threats, violence towards others (verbal, physical, or electronic) is prohibited.
  • Any form of harassment, including inappropriate or unwanted touching, unwanted sexual language or gestures is prohibited.
  • Any illegal activity or act is prohibited.
  • Privacy: Volunteer meetings, volunteer events, and communications between management and general volunteer staff contain information from Rogue Con 23 which may be confidential and privileged. Please refrain from any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of this information and note that such actions are prohibited until an official statement is released by the convention. This includes guest announcements, events, and convention policies and practices

If you are having any issues with attendees or having a hard time with your position or a certain responsibility please let the volunteer coordinator or manager know.

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